The C.U.C.Kies!

That’s right, cucks — Movie Awards season is FINALLY reaching its conclusions, and because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we don’t have to fuckin’ deal with Jared Leto this year!!! To celebrate this, at our March 17th meeting we’ll be holding the first Annual CUCKies! We’ll be discussing each of the nominees*, and discussing which… Continue reading The C.U.C.Kies!

One Year Of C.U.C.K.!

Hello all — Cuckmander in Cheif O’Keeffe here! As I’m sure you see on the homepage, we’re gonna skip the meeting on the 23rd to discuss Wild Strawberries — sounds like a lot of people are gonna be busy with Holiday stuff! (Although if you already pondered the movie and wanna drop some thoughts in… Continue reading One Year Of C.U.C.K.!

The Future Of C.U.C.K.

Long time, no post! First off, I want to thank everyone for being a part of our first year of C.U.C.K. I’ve been exposed to a great deal of movies I may have never seen otherwise, gotten to revisit some films through a new lens, and most importantly spend some great time with friends. Since… Continue reading The Future Of C.U.C.K.

Pre-Meeting #10 (A New Leaf)

Movie #10! Wowza, good on us for keepin’ a regular meeting! I’m very excited to be starting Elaine May, digging into the filmography of arguably the Mother of Modern Comedy one one of the best screenwriters to ever do the dang thing. May’s screenwriting credits include Tootsie, Labyrinth, and The Birdcage to name just a… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #10 (A New Leaf)

Pre-Meeting #9

Another late post! But not a post-meeting post, so we’re holding on strong. Just finished the movie — it was a lot more Death-focused than I expected, but I’m very excited to discuss the structure and themes as well as the first ever “Improv Boy” personality to ever be committed to camera. The main reason… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #9

Pre-Meeting #8 (Stalker)

The most down-to-the-wire Pre-Meeting Yet! TONIGHT we’ll be gathering to discuss Stalker, and having already watched it — It’s definitely a film by the guy that made Solaris! I think this one-two punch has allowed me a strong enough understanding of Tarkovsky that I while I won’t be teaching any college classes on the guy,… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #8 (Stalker)

Pre-Meeting #7 (Solaris)

Hey all! Another close-to-the-wire blog post. Between my work week being pretty busy and ya boy scoring a last minute by-the-seat-of-my-pants first jab (ouchies my arm!) I’ve been so busy hustlin’ and a bustlin’ I almost forgot it was ANDREI APRIL! IT’S TIME FOR TARKOVSKY BAYBEEEEEE. So as I was starting to like read more… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #7 (Solaris)