Pre-Meeting #8 (Stalker)

The most down-to-the-wire Pre-Meeting Yet! TONIGHT we’ll be gathering to discuss Stalker, and having already watched it — It’s definitely a film by the guy that made Solaris! I think this one-two punch has allowed me a strong enough understanding of Tarkovsky that I while I won’t be teaching any college classes on the guy, I’ve got a good sense of his vibe, his influence, and probably know what to expect tonally of his other films.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the Two Films / One Director thing — I don’t think it’ll be an Always Food type of deal, but it’s nice! Especially for a director as idiosyncratic and large-looming as Tarkovsky (which is why we’re doing it again in (Elaine) May with someone a tad less melancholic and existential).

There’s also perhaps more writing and criticism available on this film than any other yet in CUCK history. Bill Reick pointed me to this great BFI comparison piece on Solaris and Stalker, Criterion of course has a great essay from Mark Le Fanu, and you can’t go two feet on Youtube with a “Tarkovsky Stalker” search without finding 50 videos by someone who just learned how to use Premier trying to dissect the film. But just for tonight, however, I’m excited to be armchair Youtube scholars with all of you!


  1. Yo what’s up Cuckskateers? I am unable to attend this evening’s meeting because my mom is coming out to Chicago to visit! I might make her watch something on Criterion. Blue Velvet? Who knows!

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