One Year Of C.U.C.K.!

Hello all — Cuckmander in Cheif O’Keeffe here!

As I’m sure you see on the homepage, we’re gonna skip the meeting on the 23rd to discuss Wild Strawberries — sounds like a lot of people are gonna be busy with Holiday stuff! (Although if you already pondered the movie and wanna drop some thoughts in the comments, I know I’d appreciate reading them!)

The whole origin of this was to find people to share a passion for movies with, and I think we very much succeeded in that! It was also meant to give us something to do in lockdown — I wasn’t certain if I was going to try and lead this venture into the new year as things started to open back up buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut here we are!

As such, I’m hoping to bring C.U.C.K. back in a big way once the new year hits. Classics galore, for sure, but a lot of fun classics to give us something to really look forward to watching / discussing. Hopin’ to maybe find some new cucksters in the new year as well so help expand our discussions / viewpoints.

I’m also gonna try and be better about creating biweekly blog posts, but perhaps less about the movie in general (It’s hard to write thoughtfully about a movie I haven’t watched yet) and more about just… other movie stuff, and hopefully inspire other to leave comments of their movie observations between meetings!

For example — Drive My Car is my favorite movie of the year, and probably the last film I’ll have seen in theatres for a while. It’s a poetic look at grief, communication, and what we project onto others with a naturalistic tone and a patient pace. It’s a very cozy movie, and I’d give it an an enthusiastic recommendation to any fans of Mike Leigh or Kelly Reichardt — director Ryusuke Hamaguchi has been making waves as one of Japan’s newest auteurs and I’m looking to dive into the rest of his filmography — some of which is on the Collection!

So I ask, in lieu of a discussion this week: I’d love to hear what your favorite movie, new or otherwise, you’ve watched this year is. And — if so inclined, your favorite movie you watched as part of C.U.C.K. Year 1! (For me — Hoop Dreams is an obvious 6/5 stars masterpiece, but Taste of Cherry really hit me at my core in a way few films do. Far more life-affirming than the description may suggest.)

I’d also appreciate any feedback you may have on C.U.C.K. as a whole! Do we meet too often? Do we meet too late in the day? How can we make C.U.C.K. better fit yr schedule? LMK!

Thanks again, y’all — and see you next year!

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