The C.U.C.Kies!

That’s right, cucks — Movie Awards season is FINALLY reaching its conclusions, and because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we don’t have to fuckin’ deal with Jared Leto this year!!! To celebrate this, at our March 17th meeting we’ll be holding the first Annual CUCKies!

We’ll be discussing each of the nominees*, and discussing which film we think will win, which film should win, and which film we think deserved a nomination (and which nomination we’d take away to make room for that). It’ll be a nice, free-flowing, jovial conversation and a prelude tooooo…


On March 27th, we’re gonna hang out on Zoom and watch the Oscars together. How will they fuck things up this year?!?!?! Only time will tell!

*not planning to discuss short films cause idk if they’re gonna release them in theatres like they have in the past since they’re gonna stop airing these awards which sucks! I liked seeing those.

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