Pre-Meeting #3 (Certain Women)

Lil’ Late with the Update, but here we are nonetheless! This week we are following our first two testaments to (or deconstructions of) American mythology with a movie by a filmmaker who appears to be very interested in finding what it means to be American in the 21st century — Kelly Reichardt. Reichardt is garnering… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #3 (Certain Women)

Pre-Meeting #2 (Badlands)

Hello all, Our next meeting is Thursday, January 21st where we will be discussing the 1973 film Badlands — Directed, produced, and written by Terence Malick. Malick is an interesting case in filmmaking history, having dropped two critically lauded bangers (Badlands and the sunset hour-horny Days of Heaven), then took a 20-year break from directing… Continue reading Pre-Meeting #2 (Badlands)